Ethics case 1: “Selling Only Sugary Drinks”

Read the ethics case “Selling Only Sugary Drinks” at the end of Chapter 1 of your text and answer the following questions:

Taking into consideration each of the factors listed below, in your opinion, was selling only sugary soft drinks ethical? Explain your answer, reflecting on the following factors.

o An increase in awareness of health-related issues related to unhealthy product offerings

o Economic pressure from shareholders

o Consumer demand for “quick” turnaround time

o Pressure from competitors

o Pressure from government

o Desire for corporate social responsibility

Governments (healthcare systems) see rising costs and reduced productivity with adverse health outcomes

. So, should governments be able to influence companies, whether directly (e.g., through regulations and laws) or indirectly (e.g., through taxation), to adjust their product offerings to reduce these outcomes? Why or 

why not?

Could the company have handled the situation differently and yielded better outcomes with respect to the various stakeholder interests? If so, how?