Word limit: 3000 words

The completed literature review will need to be submitted via the NURS 3055 Evidence Based Nursing Practice 


The aim of this assessment is to demonstrate your understanding of principles of evidence-based nursing practice by completing a literature review to inform nursing practice.  


Course objectives being addressed: 

CO4.       Critically evaluate the skills required to incorporate research findings into nursing practice.

CO5.       Apply critical thinking skills and inquiry strategies to search databases and locate credible, clinically relevant research literature.

CO6.       Critique research literature using appropriate frameworks and tools.

What you need to do: 

Choose three (3) research articles using the databases which provide evidence on single nurse checking of medications and/or double nurse checking of medications in medication administration. Critique the research articles using the frameworks and tools provided in the NURS 3055 course materials. After critiquing the research articles, formulate recommendations for practice about how to integrate the findings to the nursing practice in relation to safe nursing administration of medications.

The literature review must be presented using the headings provided below. It must include the following: 

  1. Introduction – 300 words 
  • Provide a background describing the clinical relevance of safe nursing administration of medications.   
  • Specify the aim or question(s) for the literature review.  
  • Introduce the structure of the literature review. 


  1. Body: discussion – 2500 words

Search plan

Present the search plan you used in locating three (3) research articles that are relevant to the aim or question(s) for the literature review.  [100 words]


Relevancy of each research article

Explain how each research article is relevant to the aim or question(s) for the literature review. [100 words]


  • Summary and critique 

Describe each article in terms of methods (i.e., what was done), and results (what was found). Include a critique of each study using the appropriate frameworks and tools provided in NURS 3055. State the main findings of each article. [1900 words]

  • Recommendations for practice

Suggest two strategies that will assist the integration of the findings from the literature review into nursing practice. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each strategy. [400 words]

  1. Conclusion200 words
  • Summarise the main points of your literature review and the implications on nursing practice

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