• The final paper must be a 4-5 page essay, double-spaced. Margins should 
not exceed one-inch, and font should be Times New Roman 12-point. PLUS 
an additional 1-2 page shot list. [If your scene requires more than two pages, 
you can just cut yourself off there and say “and so on”]. 
• You should consistently adhere to MLA or Chicago in formatting your paper. 
See http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/ for more 
• Please include your name and a title that is relevant to your topic. 
• Number your pages. 
• Your paper should be PROOFREAD (spell-checked and grammatically 
• Check out the Writing Center if you need help! 


The best papers will: 
• Have a clear and narrow focus on the topic, with a specific and cogent thesis 
that is specific to the film. 
• Use the language of the class as evidence. 
• Describe shots and their elements vividly and with an eye toward 
understanding how they relate to the argument they are making. 
• Demonstrate a lucid and coherent writing style. 
• Adhere to formatting guidelines as specified above 

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