This forum has two parts. I would like for you to take some time to reflect on a time in which you have experienced behavior being shaped by the principles outlined in this chapter. I would also like for you to react to two scenarios in which you have to apply what you have learned.


PART 1: Reflect


Can you remember a time in which a behavior that you were demonstrating in the classroom was either reinforced or punished? Give us an example.


In general, do you think reinforcement is an effective way to shape behavior? Why or why not? What about punishment? (hint: this should be guided by PSYC knowledge—think operant conditioning)


PART 2: React


Scenario 1:


Bonnie is a student in your class. She doesn’t handle frustration well. Whenever Bonnie encounters an obstacle she can’t immediately overcome, she hits, punches, kicks, or breaks something. Once, during a class Valentine’s Day party, she accidentally drops her cupcake. When she discovers that it is no longer edible, she throws her milk carton across the room, hitting another child on the head.


   How would you respond to Bonnie?

   Using what you learned from this chapter, what would you do to shape her behavior?


Scenario 2:


You are teaching a class of 4th grades who are doing poorly on weekly spelling test. On average, only 12 of your 32 students are earning perfect scores in any given week.


   How would you respond to this?

   Using what you learned from this chapter, what would you do to shape their behavior?


Once you have completed your post, find another classmate and respond to their post particularly commenting on their ideas for working with students.

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