1.  Discuss the differences between conservatives and liberals in the first half of the nineteenth century.  Who were conservatives?  Who were liberals?  What were the foundations of of each of their philosophies?  What programs did each support?  

2.  What were the considerations during deliberations at the Congress of Vienna?  In your estimation, was the settlement made at Vienna sound?  Why or why not?

3.  Describe royal policies across Europe in the aftermath of the Congress of Vienna.  Why did monarchs act as they did?  Do their actions make sense given the context of the era?

4. What sort of challenges did industrialization present to conservative governments?  How did they attempt to meet those challenges?  Do you think they were successful?

5. This era saw a great number of revolutions and political reformers.  What motivated revolutionaries and reformers? Were their movements successful?  

6.  Who were the bourgeoisie and how did they motivate change in this period?  Would you consider them important?

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