What is the Task for this Assessment?


“Business Technology Briefing Report for Managers”


Your task is to prepare a briefing report for non-technical managers that assesses digital

technologies impact the future of industry. The target readers are managers who may not

have a technical background but are keen to know how recent and emerging technologies may

impact the industry and therefore their business.


Put yourself in the position of the reader – what would a nontechnical manager want to know, and in what level of detail?

• Write for the non-technical manager, not for your lecturer

• Choose the industry sector that you are interested in or familiar

with; choose the technology that you are interested in exploring –

by the time of completing your work you should have learned

more about it than you initially knew about it

• Use examples and/or case studies to support your argument


You must first:

  • Select an industry sector of your choice;
  • Select a technology or a family of technologies of your choice.


The title of your report will then be: “[Technology] and the Future of [Industry]”, for example,

“AI and the Future of Accountancy”.


You should:

  • Focus on one technology (such as “data analytics” and “cloud computing”), a family of

technologies (such as “artificial intelligence”) or technology-enabled concepts (such as

“Industry 4.0” and “additive manufacturing”), rather than a collection of multiple

unrelated technologies (such as “autonomous vehicles and 3D printing”);

  • Consider technologies that depend on IT and digital technologies in a broad sense,

which may include, for example, bioinformatics but would exclude gene technology;

  • Demonstrate a critical appreciation of a wide range of sources that should include

academic sources, and not rely on a single source.


Your report must start with a one-page Executive Summary (not included in the word count)

followed by a well-structured report not exceeding 2500 words excluding the references.


Executive Summary – The Executive Summary should be a self-contained one-page document

that can be read on its own without referring to the main part of the report. It may contain,

but not limited to, the purpose and targeted readers of the report, summary of findings, list of

recommendations, etc., that effectively communicates to the readers the key messages of the

report. It may contain tables and diagrams, where appropriate, but does not normally include


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