Compare and contrast NPS medicinewise(National Prescribing services) and PSA (The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia)


  1. Students will be allocated two different pharmacy-related topics that they are required to clearly compare and contrast. The report must only focus on the topics allocated. The document should be submitted in MS Word format, at a maximum length of 1,000 words (excluding references in Vancouver Style as outlined on the University of Canberra Referencing webpage).
  2. Each student will also submit a short summary of their report (6 key points) to the Written Report Discussion Board. Each student can then use all of the summary responses as a revision source. Please note your submission is not complete until you have contributed your summary to the discussion board.

Students will find their allocated topics on page three of this document.


This assignment its designed to help students research and understand the importance of key topics relating to pharmacy practice. Students will collect the important information about their allocated topics and compare and contrast how they support the practice of pharmacy. After successfully completing this assignment and all related activities (e.g. online discussion board contribution), students should have the confidence to use the knowledge in their respective field of clinical practice and have a reasonable understanding of the impact and influence their topics may have on the future of pharmacy practice in Australia.


It is expected that the assignment will be appropriately referenced using reputable sources and comprise of FIVE primary sections: (1) Introduction (2) How your topic fits into current

pharmacy practice (3) Similarities & Differences (4) Implications to current and future practice (5) Summary and Conclusion

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