Follow Shyon Baumann’s method of studying films as art, i.e., the ways critics position films as art. Pick one recent film (March 2020 to present), find the page for a list of critical reviews, and assess five reviews with Baumann’s eight “techniques and concepts” (322-24). In a final section, evaluate Baumann’s method. According to your analysis, is the film art, entertainment, or both? Is it an artistic success or an artistic failure? Is the director responsible for the success or failure? You may create a table that is similar to Baumann’s (325). 800-1000 words (not including title, author information, table, and references) 

Film choices: Bad Boys for Life (2020), Tick Tick… Boom! (2021), Dune (2021), The Unforgivable (2021) or Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021). 

To watch 1 of the films provided, you can watch it on Netflix, Prime Video or on this website:– not all movies are available on Netflix and Prime Video

Cite in ASA style (American Sociological Association) 

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