Cyber Security Response – An Email to Executive Committee

Write this section as if it is an email to the executive committee who will sponsor this project (e.g. approve this project, allocate time, resources, funding). 

You can just write the body of the email and there is no need to address anyone, nor to put any date and signature. 

Your email body (only include the email body in this section) should emphasize why it is important to implement your proposal (e.g. why we should the company invest $x on a new tool y),

 what is the quantified benefit, what would happen if this investment is not made, what is the benefit (short term and long term) of making this investment. 

These are a few of the ideas. You are making a business case for your project and this investment.

 Focus on business and in this section write to capture the attention of the business (without overwhelming with technical jargon, as the business decision-makers may also come from the non-technical group).

This section in its entirety is no less than half a page but no more than 1 page.

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