The goal of this assignment is to bring together the different topics from this class into a single paper, focusing on the technology and programming aspects. Your task is to create a design for an address book web application using all the information you have learned so far.

At the beginning of class you created the requirements for an Address Book application. Using this as a guide create a design proposal for a full scale web application that can be used anywhere. Your design should include the following elements:

  • Requirements for your application from the point of view of the users of the application.
  • Design of the web pages they will interact with, i.e. what the user interface will look like.
  • What the server does, i.e. how the client (web browser) communicates with the server and how the server processes the requests.
  • How the data will be stored and how the server will communicate with the data store.
  • What technology you will use to generate your web pages – e.g. will they be entirely generated by the web server, static pages that use JavaScript to populate the data once loaded, or something entirely different.
  • Include a test plan if you think that is appropriate.

You should include images, diagrams and snippets of code where appropriate. You are welcome to reuse any of the previous work in this class provided it is appropriate to this content. Please remember that as with the other assignments you are designing a specific application. You are not writing about designing an application in general.  

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