Developing a Social Enterprise


Remember to use critical and systems-thinking, be concise and present only relevant material. To provide a strong academic foundation and to back-up your findings you should consult and use alternative and reliable sources of information to cross-reference your findings e.g.: articles, books, newspapers, journals, web-sites (the databases in the library are very useful). You must give references to all quotes and other materials you include in the presentation using the standardized Harvard system and present a full list of all the references used. It is also advised to make use of visual materials such as appropriate illustrations, images, drawings, tables, graphs to engage your audience but make sure you acknowledge the sources correctly with authors/ copyright.


The report should be comprehensive and presented professionally with a logical structure and making use of the correct terminology.

Marking Criteria

Assessment criteria for Assessment 2: Project/ business plan 30% TTM Marks


to criteria:

Research & Development (ability to create a feasible and viable project/ 25%

business plan distinct to a social enterprise integrating relevant data incl.  

feedback from the pitch)  

Critical evaluation (capacity to distinguish the roles and responsibilities of the 25%

various stakeholders in the creation of a social enterprise)  

Application of theory (Relevant use and application of Social Enterprise 25%

frameworks, concepts, models and tools to demonstrate understanding of its  

distinctiveness from other forms of organisation)  

Structure & Coherence (ability to articulate and communicate a well- 15%

organised, clear and consistent project/ business plan)  

Mechanical Soundness (ability to apply correct referencing, grammar, spelling 10%

and proper use of referencing using the Harvard System of referencing)  


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