• Assignment 1-1: Economic Trends in the Healthcare Industry Discussion. This assignment is intended to help you learn to do the following: Review economic terminology and understand their importance to the decision-maker in the healthcare industry. Analyze the impact of economic trends within the healthcare industry. The  assignment requirements:
  1. Identify and read at least 2-3 resources on economic trends that have impacted the healthcare industry over the past 10 years.
  2. Respond to the following prompt by 11:59 p.m. by Thursday due date indicated.

Each initial post should be 200-250 words

  1. Reply to at least two of your classmates’ responses by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday 

Each reply should be at least 100-150 words in length.

As your instructor for this course over the next 12 weeks. I am requesting that you will please submit each of your written assignments by using a Microsoft Word file format. Please do not submit written assignments as a “pdf” file. By submitting your assignments via MS Word file, I will be able to provide feedback directly into your document and then you will be able to see my comments and feedback throughout your document. I want to thank you ahead of time for following this procedure.

  • Grading Information
  • Each assignment throughout the term will be due on Sunday at midnight(except the

12th week assignment which is due on Saturday at midnight). My goal is to

provide feedback and a grade to your assignment by the next day but no later than Wednesday or Thursday after the assignment is due. If you submit an assignment early, I will still follow my return procedure by returning the assignment the day after the due date but no later than the third or fourth day after assignment is due.

  • Discussion Questions
  • You will be submitting your responses and comments to Discussion

Questions directly into Canvas. Please post your initial response to Discussion  Question by Thursday the middle of the week. This time frame will allow your fellow students to read all of the responses before they submit their follow-up comments to two student posts. Your two follow-up comments are due by Sunday at midnight  to receive full credit on your feedback.


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