Discuss the current Seattle policy for taxation of carbonated beverages. Explain the effects of the policy, and consider arguments for and against.  Write your paper as if copies were being sent to all Christian members of congress. Assume that they studied microeconomics in the past, so you do not need to review in detail the material we have covered in class. However, you may assume that they have forgotten some of what they learned, so you may include brief reminders for topics we have discussed in class. You must use headings within your paper to separate your main points. The paper must include one paragraph of introduction (which must be labeled by the heading “Introduction”) The paper must also include one paragraph of conclusion labeled by the heading “Conclusion.” In your conclusion, you must summarize the main points of your paper. Your sources must include at least one book, at least two published periodicals (either in print or from a library online periodical database), and at least one other internet source. For an internet source, you need to specify what person or organization is responsible for publishing the source on the internet. You must include notes giving your source for (a) direct quotations; (b) significant facts or statistics; or (c) ideas you are discussing that come from other sources. When you use material from a source you must make clear where the material comes from, including the page number. It is best to identify a source with a parenthetical reference in the paper.

For example: (Smith, p100). Also, be sure your bibliography contains a corresponding entry. For example: Smith, Adam, The Wealth of Nations, 1776, New York: Modern Library edition.
You may include direct quotations in your paper, but do not include too
many lines of quotations. Your paper must have acceptable grammar and spelling. Please proof-

read your paper carefully and clearly mark corrections for typographical

errors. Note: your paper must have an acceptable form before its content will be considered. You should make some reference to the economic theory we have discussed in class and to a biblical Christian view of the question. If you think that a Christian view of the topic is different than the view held by most non-Christians, state what you think those differences are. If different

Christians might have different viewpoints, state what those differences are.

If you think the opinions about this topic held by non-Christians are not significantly different than the opinions held by Christians, then briefly state why you think that is so.

This is a checksheet of items that will be considered when the paper is
1. Does your paper include a specific government policy recommendation,
and is it clearly stated in the introduction?
2. Is evidence given to support the facts you mention?
3. Is the evidence accurate, specific, and current?
4. Are sources for facts and quotations properly attributed?
5. Is a bibliography included to list the sources?
6. Have you considered any important implications of your proposal?
7. Is the paper concise (not a lot of unnecessary words)?
8. Have you included a comment about a Christian view?
9. Have you considered diverse arguments that oppose your view, and
developed an answer to them?
10. Does the paper have smooth transitions (rather than jump around
from topic to topic)?
11. Is the spelling accurate? Are the correct words used?
12. Does the paper have correct sentence structure and punctuation?
13. Is the paper organized into paragraphs and sections?

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