1.       How do the functions of the somatic and autonomic nervous systems differ?

2.       What are the three components of a neuron?

3.       How does myelin affect nerve impulses?

4.       Name the process through which injured axons are repaired and describe the process.

5.       Explain the process of the chemical conduction of impulses.

6.       What are neurotransmitters? Give two examples.

7.       Compare summation and facilitation.

8.       Name the three major divisions of the brain and their component parts.

9.       Describe the limbic system’s functions.

10.   What are the two major functions of the hypothalamus?

11.   What information is conveyed in the ascending and descending spinal tracts?

12.   Contrast the functions of upper and lower motor neurons.

13.   Name the protective structures of the central nervous system, and briefly describe each one.

14.   Describe the circle of Willis and explain its role in supplying blood to the brain.

15.    What is the source of the spinal cord’s blood supply?

16.    What are the plexuses? Give two examples in the PNS.

17.   What are the cranial nerves? Give three examples

18.   Describe the anatomy and function of the PNS.

19.   What are the structural and functional divisions of the ANS?

20.   Compare cholinergic and adrenergic transmission.

21.   What are the functions of the ANS?

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