Identification of Current Cyber Security Practices in Place and Map to NIST, CIS Top 18, OWASP 10:

For the IT components identified, state what security practices are already in place and map the security practice with the name of the specific NIST and/or CIS Top 18 and/or OWASP 10. Number the IT components as i, ii, iii, etc. so that I can clearly identify them.

For a given IT component (depending on what it is), a few of the security practices to consider (although they would vary from one type of component to another) are patch management and its frequency, ensuring redundancy and backup, virus protection, access control with password protection, browser security, phishing, privately identifiable data, data protection and encryption at rest and transit, firewall, etc.

An example of identifying an IT component, its security practice, and mapping to the name of NIST/CIS/OWASP is:

The Oracle database used in the organization (database is an IT component) the data at rest is encrypted using Oracle’s Transparent Data Encryption and it maps to CIS 03 control of data protection because (and elaborate in this manner by stating the technology and tools used).


This section in its entirety is no less than half a page but no more than 2 pages.


Analyze the Current Risk

Refer to the course lessons on:

Risk = Likelihood x Impact

Likelihood = Threats x Vulnerabilities

Impact  = Time x Cost

Keep the above notion in mind but I suggest that you simplify it to Risk = Likehood X Impact and only assign numeric values for Likelihood and Impact.

You may choose a percentage for Likelihood and a numeric value (e.g. 1 being lowest) for Impact or any other valuation and clearly state your approach. 

Based on this, for each IT component that you have already identified, calculate the risk. Number each component as i, ii, ii, etc. so that I can clearly differentiate them. For each component, explain why a numeric value was chosen. An example is:

For IT component i,

Risk = 30% x1 = 0.33 x1 = 0.33

Explain the reason for choosing these values for IT component 1


For IT component ii,

Risk = 45% x2 = 0.45 x2 = 0.9

Explain the reason for choosing these values for IT component 2


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