In this assignment you will develop the beginning skills you will need as a Master’s prepared nurse to identify trends in large data sets that illustrate a population-based public health issue affecting a particular population and the determinants of health that place a population at risk for any health issue. 


Your team has already identified a public health population-based issue.  With that issue in mind, you will individually explore the available data to show the impact of that issue on a particular population, and using the epidemiologic data you will discuss the social determinant of health that place that population at particular risk. 


  1. Public Health Population-based Issue (10 pts)     
    1. Identify the population-based health concern. 
    2. Contextualize your identification by explaining the magnitude of the problem and the population you have selected to focus on.
    3. Explain why this problem and population is of interest to you.
  2. Interpreting the data (30 pts)
    1. Explore data sources (large databases) that provide you with information about the population, the issue and the social determinants of health (examples of these databases are listed below).
    2. Present an overview of the data, including trends over time, in populations, or in geographic regions.
      1. Sometimes there is not specific data on specific populations, or for an extended amount of time.  If data are not available, explain why.  
    3. Describe the health picture that emerges from the data.  Identify how the Social Determinants of Health fit into that health picture.
    4. Discuss issues regarding social justice and health inequities in the population that you have selected.  Explain your response using references from the readings and additional scholarly material.
  3. Create a table or figure (20)
    1. Using the data you extracted from the data bases you examined, create or adapt a tables or figure to illustrate the demographics of the population of interest, the incidence, prevalence, and morbidity or mortality related to the public health issue (as applicable), and data concerning at least one social determinant of health that places the subject population at risk for this public health issue.  
    2. Include the table(s) or figure(s) as an appendix, not in the body of your paper.  Appendices do not count toward the page limit.
    3. Trends in the data can be illustrated over time, or over geographic differences.
    4. Make your table or figure easy to read: use clear labelling, colors (if appropriate) and fonts. Consult Chapter 7 in the APA Manual for requirements for formatting the title, caption and citations for the table/figure. NOTE  you must cite the original source of your date in the caption of your table/figure.
  4. Epidemiologic Model (30 pts) 
    1. Using the supporting examples of epidemiologic models, identify a model that fits your topic well.
    2. Define the model, including the concepts and the relationships among them. 
    3. Apply the components of the model you selected to the health problem you identified.  You are encouraged to include a referenced graphic figure of the model as an appendix.
    4. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of this model in relationship to your chosen public health topic.
  5. Scholarship, writing and APA (10 points)
    1. Writing includes correct sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and proofreading.  
    2. All sections must include citations from the readings and additional scholarly literature.
    3. Formatting (including writing style) adheres to APA 7th edition guidelines. Pay special attention to the formatting requirements for tables, figures and appendices.
    4. 5 page limit not inclusive of title page, references and appendices (do not include an abstract).

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