EDUC 2301 Introduction to Special Populations

Individual Education Program (IEP) Visual Presentation

Program Required Assignment


Project Directions: Create a visual presentation designed to inform parents of the IEP process.  The visual presentation may be an infographic, PowerPoint, Prezi, brochure, or video (see examples provided by your professor).

Address each of the following in the presentation:

A.    What are the required components of an IEP?

B.    Who is involved in the process of developing and implementing an IEP?

C.    What factors must the IEP team take into consideration when determining what the least restrictive environment is for an individual student?

D.    How is parent participation critical to the IEP process?


1.    Organize and present the information in a logical and clear sequence.  


2.    Use quotes sparingly.  Brief quotes, properly cited, may be included in your presentation. However, most of the information should be in your voice.  


3.    Cite all sources used. Identify and properly cite all quoted and paraphrased portions.  Additionally, create a reference list of all sources used.  If creating a PowerPoint or video, add the reference list at the end of the presentation.  If creating a brochure or infographic, create a separate reference list to upload.  


4.    Include several images to support the text of your information.  Images may be photos, graphs, tables, figures, illustrations, etc.  Cite each image directly below the image. Additionally, if creating a PowerPoint or video, list all image sources in a reference list.  Do not embed any video clips; however, you may add recorded narration, as an option.


5.    Be mindful of design style. Your visual presentation should be easy to read, engaging, and informative.  Avoid “overcrowding” each page (or slide) with too much text or too many images.  See the recommendations in PowerPoint Dos and Don’ts (or other style resource your instructor may provide) for font style, color, and size, amount of text on each slide, background, color palette, and animation.


6.    Include your name, course number, professor’s name, and due date in the presentation. If creating a PowerPoint or video, place this information at the beginning of the presentation.  If producing an infographic or brochure, you could insert this information in a small text box at the end of the brochure or infographic.  

A Few Resources:

1.    Chapter 2, Heward et al. (2017) Textbook

2.    Developing High-Quality Individualized Education Programs (IRIS Center)

3.    Development of the IEP (Pacer Center)

4.    Understanding IEP (Understood)

5.    IEP Model Form (Texas Education Agency) 

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