Prepare a document addressing each of the following prompts.

1) Trash Can Activity: 

– Report on the Value Creation (Trash Can) project. According to the person who would consume/use your product, what is the value they would experience? 

Would it ameliorate a negative emotion the person has (that is, would it solve a problem)? Alternatively, would it satisfy a need? 

Prompt 2: 

What was your business idea from the Walk Around Campus activity? How did you arrive at that business idea? What is your value proposition? How would you actually provide that value? (Even if it’s not financially feasible, your response should be technically feasible). Reflect on how this business could help not only your customer but also society. 

Prompt 3: Me and my group did a future trend about solar panels and satellite in space. Please look at the powerpoint of what we presented and to know this activity, 3. Report on your Mind Dump/Future Trends and Opportunities (Sustainable Energy) activity. What is your ultimate solution and how did you arrive at it? 

How does it leverage future trends or scenarios? (Here, you mostly just briefly re-cap your presentation, you may include the slides). 

Why might an entrepreneur building a business today need to take into account the future needs and wants of customers and markets? 

With regard to Mind Dumping–what does judgment do to the creative process? What do “wild ideas” do for creative problem-solving?

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