All students must complete a mini proposal of a speculative and imaginary new media artwork. The work proposed should reflect on at least one of the topics (New media art, systems art, machines art, immersive technology, Electroacoustic Music & Sound Art, Media Performance, Net Art, Cyberfeminism & Hacktivism) that we have covered in class. It should be richly illustrated, have an abstract, historical background, visual/sonic references, timeline, the venue of the project research section. The project seeks work which demonstrates imagination, work ethic, and an ability to assemble the course materials into a meaningful and profound set of possibilities of what might be.


  • The final proposal must be turned in as a single PDF file. (No separate Pages.)
  • Label It (LastNameFirstIntial_FinalProposal) example (SmithJ_FinalProposal)
  • Avenir Next (or similar) 11pt
  • 1” Margins
  • Double line spacing

Grading rubric (100 points in total)

  • Creativity: 20 points
  • Technique + completeness: 20 points
  • Aesthetics: 20 points
  • Concept: 20 points
  • Documentation: 20 points

Your project draft should include (complete by Feb 20):

  • Project title and description
  • Proof of concept audiovisual material – even if the idea is not entirely finalized, some reference images, videos, and/or sketches are required to illustrate your concept.
  • Footnotes of reference material, citations (if any), and essential bibliography.

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