Answer each question in two to five sentences, basing your responses on your understanding of the article.  I expect roughly more than 100 words per question. 

  1. What are the core values that Netflix bases its brand on?
  2. How does Netflix’s logo reflect that branding?
  3. How does Netflix’s interface help to cultivate those values and thus reflect its brand?
  4. What does Netflix’s interface obscure?
  5. What do viewers give companies in exchange for more control of their viewing?
  6. What differences does Van Esler see between the interfaces of Hulu, Netflix, and Pluto TV?
  7. Why are interfaces an important object of study?
  8. What makes interfaces difficult to study?
  9. What common misconceptions exist regarding interfaces (think about both from the standpoint of the viewer/user and errors that scholar have made)?

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