Search for Evidence

What is your research topic? (Choose anything of interest) List keywords or phrases that will assist you in finding “the best” evidence on your topic. List 2 synonyms for each keyword (see table for completion)

Initial Keyword:  Synonym 1 for Keyword: Synonym 2 for Keyword:
Population: Synonym 1 for Population: Synonym 2 for Population:
Intervention: Synonym 1 for Intervention: Synonym 2 for Intervention:
Outcome: Synonym 1 for Outcome: Synonym 2 for Outcome:

Complete a search using these terms you’ve identified. 

  • What database/resource(s) did you use?
  • How many results did you get?
  • If you got too many results what limiters could you set? If you did not get enough results what could you change to improve search?

Follow the example attached and choose a subject that has to do with Nursing (like the example: handwashing) 

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