Assignment Purpose: 

The purpose of this assignment is to perform a review of scholarly information on a 

selected professional nursing topic and describe the implications for nursing practice 

with patients/families/communities.

Assignment Format:

Please use APA 7th ed. for formatting guidelines, with the request of providing Times 

New Roman font size 12.

Research literature and theory should be utilized to support the paper. 

A minimum of 3 scholarly journal articles (North American) from within the last 5 

years (reflects current information) must be utilized to support the paper. At least 

2 of the 3 articles must come from the nursing literature. 

A Standard of Practice or Best Practice Guideline may be used as one of the articles.

The body of the essay will be a maximum of four (4) pages in length, double 

spaced (12 font, Times New Roman), excluding title page and reference list. 

Essay Components

Title Page


Clearly describe a specific topic/issue and its relevance to professional 

nursing with patients/families/communities.

Develop and articulate a clear thesis statement to explore within the paper.

Both a thesis statement and a purpose statement are required. 


Discuss the challenges that patients/families/communities & nurses face in Canada in the situations/conditions.

Identify the role of the nurse in addressing challenges and improving quality and safety of care in the situations/conditions. 

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