Research Paper for ENG 103

The research paper is a persuasive-based research project based on a topic related to a contemporary social, political, or cultural issue of your choice.  You are free to choose an issue at long as it has at least two sides to it.  In short, your topic must be one that can be argued about.   For example, “Bullying is Bad” is not a viable topic because people wouldn’t argue that bullying is good.  However, the topic “Effective Ways to Combat Bullying in Schools” is a strong topic because people differ on ways to stop bullying, so there is more than one approach that could be argued.  The project will incorporate research of scholarly/academic quality and will combine both objective historical information on the topic as well as arguments for at least two different positions on the issue.


We will be completing a series of steps prior to the final draft:  choice of essay topic, annotated bibliography for the references, an outline for the essay, and a rough draft.  You can find descriptions of those items in the course Week tabs. 


Structure of the Essay:

There is no minimum page requirement for the essay because the length will vary by topic choice. However, the average page length ranges from 7-11 pages.  The goal is to COMPLETELY present the information for whatever topic you choose. The paper is to be written in double-spaced Times New Roman 12pt. font.

The paper is required to follow a set format of sections.  Because this is a longer research project, it must include both an abstract prior to the introduction and headings for each of the separate sections of the essay. 

The essay MUST incorporate the following sections. These are the ONLY sections the essay may include, so all of your information must fit within the following structure:

Abstract – this section gives a brief overview of the process used to create the essay and a short overview of the positions in the essay 

Introduction of Topic – this is the traditional introduction of 1-2 paragraphs that has a hook and thesis to set up the body paragraph topics 

History of Topic – an overview of how your topic came into existence and/or definitions of terms used in the paper if it is not a historically-based topic.  How did it develop in history.  For example, what is the history of abortions in the US?  How did the Affordable Care Act get developed and become law?  What are different types of alternative therapies used to treat cancer?

Arguments for the Topic at least TWO arguments in support of your position on the topic must be presented 

Counterclaims/Opposing Positions and Rebuttals  — at least TWO counterarguments opposed to your position must be presented.  Each of the counterarguments must be rebutted by your position.

Conclusion – this is the traditional conclusion of 1-2 paragraphs to summarize the body paragraph topics.

References – this is the APA-formatted reference page with all the cited references from the essay


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