Assignment: You are an engineer employed by a professional journal to analyze a Peer-Reviewed article from their journal using the following criteria:

·       How well the peer-reviewed article is written as a technical document;

·       Whether the author(s) prove(d/n) her/his/their thesis using scientific methodologies.

Length: a full 4-5 pages (not including visuals), single-spaced, blank line between paragraphs.

Article to be analyzed: Select a technical article from a high-quality professional technical journal, preferably from a professional organization in your environmental topic’s field or from your major. It must be dated within the last 5 to 5 ½ years.  You will want an article that is roughly 8-10 pages long so that you have enough material to analyze thoroughly.

Format: A MEMO addressed to the journal editors (specific names). See the template below, but remember that “Purpose” is not an actual heading on the memo; simply write in the 1-2 lines.

MEMO REQUIREMENTS: Include all of the following:

Purpose (Not an actual heading): 1-2 lines. Purpose of your memo, including full title of chosen article and journal name.

Summary: about 4-6 lines. Summarize your chosen article in 1-3 sentences, including full title of article and journal name with parenthetical citation, and end with your thesis statement about your findings.

Journal and Article about 2 paragraphs/no more than 1 page.

A. Info about the Journal. (Answer all of the following) Full title of article. Journal name. Peer reviewed? Exclusively online? Available for subscription? Published monthly? Semi Annually? Editors’ names? Intended audience?

B. The Author(s). (Summarize all of the following for each author) Country of origin? University(ies) attended. Degree(s)? In industry or teach at university? Where? Other publications? You may have to research the author to find this information.

Introduction about ½ a page.

A. Article’s main purpose or thesis. Who is the intended audience for the article? State the author’s thesis.

B. Your own thesis. State your conclusion concerning the readability and scientific methodology of the article addressing:

            a) how the writing and presentation helps or hinders your understanding of the             author(s) thesis, and

b) how the author(s) have used sound scientific methodologies to prove their thesis.  Be sure to address this clearly as it addresses one of this course’s Student Learning Objectives (SLO), so it is a required element that will affect your grade.

Readability of Article about ½ to 1 page; roughly 1 paragraph each for A and B.

A. Characteristics of Technical Writing. Address three to five ways (with examples of each) that the article follows the seven characteristics of Technical Writing (Markel p. 7).

B. Measures of Excellence. Address three to five ways (with examples of each) that the article follows the seven measures of excellence in technical writing (Markel pp. 7-9).

The article’s scientific validity about ½ to 1 page.

A. Scientific method or Design process: Briefly explain the author(s) scientific hypothesis and/or the design model.

B. Scientific hypothesis– or design model: How do the author(s) prove or disprove her/his/their hypothesis or design process? When possible, provide visual examples, such as architecture, charts, graphs, mathematical formulas, and remember to use APA citation for any of these examples.

Conclusion with a Recommendation about ½ to 1 page.

A. Usefulness YOUR environmental topic ——–Pollution & Waste Management ——-. How has this article contributed to your understanding of a concept

B. Recommendations about improvements for clarity. How can the information be presented to clarify further your understanding of the concepts presented? What other suggestions do you have for the author(s) regarding the article’s improvement?

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