• What does it mean to say that race and ethnicity are socially constructed?
  • Define and explain how prejudicestereotypes, and racism help to perpetuate disadvantage for less powerful groups.
  • Define and discuss how individual (interpersonal) discrimination and institutional discrimination affect the life chances of people of color by citing evidence from the textbook (e.g., health care, mortgages, redlining, residential segregation, police brutality, etc.).
    • Note: You may cite a current example from a reputable news source to support your argument, too.
    • Tip: Social media posts are not reputable sources. 
  • Did you learn something new from watching the three clips regarding the social construction of race and ethnicity? Explain by providing specific evidence from the three required prompt videos.
    • Tip: Be sure to integrate cited evidence from either the text or lecture notes and all chosen prompt option materials to substantiate your work.

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