Instructions: Use this worksheet to discuss and answer the following questions. Remember, a discussion requires you to provide more than one sentence as an answer and should relate to the reading assignments. Each question is graded on the thoroughness of your answer and critical thinking skills. This assignment is due on Feb. 19 @ 11:59 pm central time.

  1. Explain the relationship between Civil Rights and the Bill of Rights. 
  2. Discuss two of the Amendments and provide examples to support civil rights.
  3. Identify and explain the two measures of poverty with examples.
  4. Explain how the statement “In large measure, Americans hate welfare because they view it as a program that rewards the undeserving poor”, is a conflict between competing beliefs and values of social work.
  5. Explain how racism, discrimination, and segregation exclude people from the mainstream economic system.
  6. Explain your thoughts about social workers serving as a policy maker or program administrator in an organization that practices blatant racism and discrimination.


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