Utilizing the data you have analyzed, write a managerial report of 600-1,000 words for the dean. The managerial report needs to include an introduction, analysis, conclusion, and a minimum of three supporting references.

  1. Introduction (define): In your own words, explain why you are providing this report and the problem(s) you are trying to solve.
  2. Collect: Describe the data set you used.
  3. Organize: Describe your pivot table.
  4. Visualize: Include and describe your bar chart and initial perceptions of outcomes.
  5. Analyze: Provide a summary of your conclusions based on the four population proportion tests, a two-sample proportion test, and a test for independence (refer to Chapter 5.2 in TSIY). Begin with the statement of Ho and Ha and whether it is an upper-, lower-, or 2-tailed test. Use the model results and decide whether to reject Housing the critical values approach p-value approach and confidence interval estimation approach to hypothesis testing. Create a summary table of each of the six tests.
  6. Ethical Summary: The dean has expressed a concern related to the amount of cheating currently taking place at BDT and has strongly suggested that you “tweak” the statistical data such that they favor the image of the university. Discuss the potential use of unethical manipulation of statistical data to provide a biased outcome as well as the ethical counter-proposal you would offer the dean in this scenario.
  7. Conclusion: What advice would you give to the dean based upon your analysis of the data? Include your “SummaryResults” table.
  8. Reference page: Include at least three references to support the “Ethical Summary” section of your managerial report.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide,

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