For this assignment, you are invited to craft a well-written book critique of a book of relevance. This assignment will continue to develop your academic writing skills and engage your critical thinking skills as regards the thesis of a particular writer. The book you select may not be one you have read previously; nor may students select books that are required for this course. You should consider the work as a whole.

 Determine and consider the author’s thesis. Does it make sense? Is it well supported? 

Does the author make a significant contribution to the field? What are those contributions? 

Be certain that you include quotes from the text to support your own argument. You are welcome to involve outside research, but that is not required for this assignment. The key here is that this is an analysis, NOT a summary. Your critique should be about three to five (3-5) pages (double-spaced, 12 pt. font in Times New Roman). For further details on how this assignment will be evaluated, see rubric below. An “A” essay 

1. Clearly identifies the thesis and quality of the chosen book 

2. Provides clear, detailed and persuasive reasoning as to the writer’s opinion of the book 

3. Is (nearly) free of errors in formatting, grammar, spelling and citation 

4. Is written with voice, grace and clarity 

5. Is unified, driven by a central idea or thesis

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