To encourage you to examine your own leisure interests, behaviors, pursuits, and desires as well as the limitations you place on yourself. To promote discovery of hidden interests, experience your own


Length and Format: 3 FULL pages minimum and maximum (see below for more info). Times New Roman, standard margins, 12 pt., 1 ½ line spacing.

Structure and Content: You are both the subject of investigation and the investigator. The paper should be written in the third person, as if you were a private detective writing a report on a subject you were hired to investigate. The observations and hypotheses must be factual, but the style of writing should be creative rather than academic.

First Page: Investigate any room(s) of your choosing within your living or workspace. Choose room(s) that reflects who you are (make the assignment easy on yourself!) Describe in detail the environment you are investigating. List any clues you find as to the subject’s (your) leisure habits and interests. For example: Describe any sporting equipment, video games, music, posters, etc that are in your space that would give an outsider observer clues about what you love to do. Get really nosy, look for clues on your calendar, in a journal, takeout menus, mail lying around, books on the shelf, any where and everywhere. Make it come to life for the reader. Describe the overall feel of the environment. Is it relaxing, chaotic, work-oriented, impersonal, etc.

Second Page: Give your theories about this person. BASED ON THE CLUES THAT YOU DESCRIBED on page one, what can you tell me about the person that lives/works there? Does this person have many interests or few? Do they daydream about activities that they rarely actually participate in? What might be holding them back from pursuing a passion? What do they love? What do you think they fear? What do you think their space says about their personality? Does this person engage in passive or active leisure?

Third Page: Give your recommendations for improving this person’s leisure time. Did you see evidence of a passion they’re not fulfilling? Did you see potential interests they may not be aware of as a leisure activity? Do you think they work too much/not enough? How would you rearrange their schedule/life? What do you think would make them happier? What new activities would you recommend? Be as specific as possible.

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