Looking at investigating how promoting OTT over linear TV may give your company a competitive advantage.  If so what percentage of your business will come from OTT, as opposed to linear TV?  What is the quantitative metric that you are aiming for?  For example, how does this initiative contribute to revenue growth and increased market share?  How is that linked to profitability?

Slides 1 &2
Look at company (NBC/Universal) current situation. Is it in good, weak or average competitive position compared to rival companies?
What problems need to be addressed?
What is the companies mission, vision, financial and strategic objective(s)?

Slides 3&4

Analyze the opportunities and threats in the industry that NBC Universal competes in using macro-environmental analysis and porters five forces model.
Prepare a strategic group map for the business/industry. What are the implications of the macro-level environmental analysis, the Five Forces Model and the strategic group map for the industry profitability?
Analyze the company’s value chain for strengths and weaknesses and prepare a weighted competitive strength assessment for the company. What parts of the value chain provide a sustainable competitive advantage for the company and why?

Slides 5&6
Which of the generic competitive strategies best characterizes NBC/Universal? Is it based on the VRIN framework? Competitive strategies of some rival companies? What is the action plan to achieve sustainable competitive advantage?

Slides 6&7
Identify two geographical areas NBC/Universal competes in (The US and Latin America).
Does the company compete in the world market using multi-domestic competition, global competition, or transnational strategy? Why? How has the company entered the international market (exporting, licensing, franchising, etc)? 

Slides 8&9
Analyze the company’s business using the Nine-Cell Industry Attractiveness-Competitive Strength Matrix. Implications? Diversification strategy. What are the advantages and disadvantages of diversification strategy? (strategic fit, resource fit, economies of scope, etc)

Slide 10
Recommendations for the company so as to have a sustainable competitive advantage and enhanced financial and corporate social performance?

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