Watch the following video:

Children speaking about the importance of play (Links to an external site.)

Write one or two paragraphs in response to the following questions, supporting your ideas with references to unit readings and lectures from weeks 1 and 2:

1.    What do you think play means to these children?

2.    What theories of play do you think are relevant to the children and educator in the video?

Word count: 400 words

Notes on how to set out this assignment: 

Use each question as a heading (not included in word count)

Write in full sentences and paragraphs

No introduction or conclusion needed (this is not an essay)

Consult the SSESW student Canvas site links for information on submission, style and formatting


Assessment criteria:

·       Appropriately developing understanding of theories of play

·       Application of critical thinking to apply play theories to practical examples

·       Relevant, thoughtful and critical use of information from unit readings and lectures

·       Coherent and grammatically correct written expression

·       Appropriate use of APA referencing

·       Correct assignment formatting

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