What inspires Devlin’s work and how does she stay innovative in multiple fields/mediums at once? 

What differentiates her style and work between mediums, and what similarities are there?


For this progression, you will closely examine a selection of works by a single artist, focusing on specific details of form and content in order to make non-obvious and compelling claims about the work’s meaning and broader significance. Together, we will read a number of essays that model this work, and those that offer different theories about creativity itself. You will also conduct individual research about your artist and the various contexts that have influenced the making and reception of their work. The primary questions driving your inquiry, and thus the work of our readings and exercises, include: How do you interpret the work formally and thematically, based on an intensive critical examination of it? Where does the work of art come from, literally and figuratively? 

What are the traditions and influences you can see at work? What are the contextual factors (biographical, material, intellectual, aesthetic, historical, cultural) that may have shaped it, or that shape its meaning after it’s made? How is the audience anticipated in the work and how has the critical discourse surrounding the work affected its significance? What does the work disclose about culture, history, and political contexts? What particular aesthetic problem is the artist working out in their work? What’s the major turning point in the body of work? 

What do you have to say about the artist’s pieces, what does the artist have to say, and what do other people besides you and the artist have to say? Finally, how does it arise from certain contexts and how might it ‘speak back’ or challenge those contexts? And: Why does this matter? These questions will guide the production of an essay– not a static research paper– motivated by the revelation of your insights. Your overall goal is to analyze several key moments in the pieces, coming up with a coherent interpretation that comments on the artist’s process and work, what others have said about the work, what the artist has said, and to tell us how it functions, and why it matters in the world. 

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