What Resources Might be  Used to Prepare the Work?


  • University library – online databases and libraries, e.g., Gartner, Ebsco, ACM, IEEE, AIS, etc.
  • News sites, technology review sites, industry sites, government sites, etc.
  • Frameworks and models covered in classes


The work will be assessed using the following criteria:


  • Evidence of Knowledge

1. Detail and depth of subject knowledge

2. Relevance of the knowledge to the topic

3. Level of understanding of the knowledge

  • Evidence of Scholarship

1. Critical scrutiny of the evidence/literature

2. Ability to integrate theory and practice

3. Ability to make logical and coherent arguments

4. Ability to use examples to illustrate arguments

5. Reasoning and balance in reaching judgement

  • Originality & Independence

1. Evidence of original, creative approach and independence

2. Ability to challenge and question existing approaches

  • Evidence of Presentation, Structure and Style

1. Clarity of organisation & structure

2. Fluency, grammar and spelling

3. References – Must follow the author-year style (Harvard)

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