In approximately 2,500 words (8 to 10 pages), discuss the government’s role in the delivery and financing of healthcare, with specific reference to the dichotomy between nonprofit health systems and for-profit health systems. Please read the New York Times article “Private Equity Pursues Profits in Keeping the Elderly at Home” as a starting point for thinking about the issues regarding government’s involvement in healthcare. You should also reference the Affordable Care Act review video, the article “The U.S. Affordable Care Act: Reflections and Directions at the Close of a Decade,” and the article “Affordable Care Act at 5 Years,” but you may also include other relevant academic research that you have found.

Each written assignment in the course should contain the following elements:  

I .Abstract: Your abstract should be brief, but should explain the problem, your motivation for solving the problem, an explanation of your approach to solving the problem, and background information that will lead to your conclusions/implications of your answer.


Ii .Introduction: Begin with a thesis statement that states the focus of your paper. Then discuss the three to five key points that your paper will explore.


III .Body of Paper: Discuss each of the key points outlined in your introduction, providing detailed research from the study materials provided for you in the module and including any other academic research you have conducted. Be sure to use proper APA format for all citations.


IV .Summary: Wrap up the concepts you’ve discussed and summarize the main ideas you have discussed throughout the body of the paper.


V .Conclusion: Transition to the ending of your paper and provide final thoughts on what recommendations you have or what you think the future landscape will look like.


VI .References: Include all sources you used (both from the module’s study materials and any additional sources) in a separate References page. Follow APA format.