Review the PowerPoint Presentation:

  • Use the information provided in the PowerPoint as your information about Ms. Longs Classroom.
  • Complete and submit the

Your response to this Performance Task should reflect the criteria provided in the Rubric and adhere to the required length.

This Assessment requires submission of one file.



Ms. Long is a new preschool teacher who is committed to providing children with a positive classroom community and a sense of belonging. She wants to make sure her classroom environment, daily schedule, and adult interactions and intentional strategies work together to support positive behaviors and foster healthy social-emotional development. After a month into the school year, Ms. Long asks you, the director of the preschool, to observe her classroom. She has asked that you focus your observation on how she is doing in each these areas, highlighting where she is doing well and providing her with suggestions for improvement. You are thrilled with the professional way she has asked for your input and look forward to the process.