These instructions will give you access to the Google Analytics for Beginners tutorial, which will help you complete the last step in the Digital Marketing Analytics project. The tutorial will teach you how to navigate through Google Analytics, which you will use to analyze data and answer questions in the project. Access to the tutorial is free, but you will need to respond to a few questions in the Google Analytics Academy before you are granted access. You must answer the first three questions; you can skip the remaining questions (recommended). You should review all content in the four units to be able to understand Google Analytics. There is an assessment at the end of each unit, which will not count toward your grade in this project. However, you should try to excel at these assessments before moving on. The knowledge gained from this tutorial is essential to your success in the final step in this project. Below is a table of contents for the tutorial, showing the length of each video so you can manage your time this week. Plan on completing all four units in Week 6.

Table of Contents


  1. Introducing Google Analytics
    • Why Digital Analytics (3:19)
    • How Google Analytics Works (2:39)
    • Google Analytics Setup (4:56)
    • How to Set Up Views with Filters (your own pace)


  1. The Google Analytics Layout (your own pace)
    • Navigating Google Analytics (your own pace)
    • Understanding Overview Reports (your own pace)
    • Understanding Full Reports (5:30)
    • How to Share Reports (your own pace)
    • How to Set Up Dashboards and Shortcuts (4:12)


  1. Basic Reporting
    • Audience Reports (5:21)
    • Acquisition Reports (5:32)
    • Behavior Reports (3:06)


  1. Basic Campaign and Conversion
    • How to Measure Custom Campaigns (3:35)
    • Tracking Campaigns with the URL Builder (4:37)
    • Use Goals to Measure Business Objectives (7:32)
    • How to Measure Google Ads Campaigns (6:30)
    • Course Review and Next Steps (3:42)



Instructions for Google Analytics Tutorial


Accessing Google Analytics Tutorial

  1. Open a Google Chrome browser.
  2. Type Google Analytics for Beginners in the search box.
  3. At the search results screen, select the item that matches the screen capture by clicking on the title. (It may or may not be the first item in your search results, if not scroll down until you find the one highlighted below.)
  4. You will arrive at the Google Analytics Academy. You can skip the initial video, an introduction to the tutorial, which is not necessary for this course.
  5. Scroll down and click the Register
  6. You will arrive at the Welcome to Analytics Academy page, which asks three questions. Before moving on you may want to bookmark this page. Anytime you want to exit the tutorial, you can re-enter using this bookmark and then clicking the Continue )
  7. Answer the three questions by checking the following responses:
    1. Other
    2. Other
    3. No


Then click the Next button.


  1. The next page is a Pre-Course Survey. It gives you the option to bypass the questions, which we recommend that you do by clicking the Skip
  2. This will bring up the first page of the Google Analytics for Beginners A table of contents will appear to the left. Plan on completing all four units in this list.

Note: Optionally, you can use the Google Analytics Demo Account to practice what you learn in the tutorial.