Hofstra University application essay

Hofstra university appeals as a school filled with opportunities and the best option for me succeeding for me building a brighter brick on my future.

I loved its proximity just next to the urban cities of New York and right next to the sunny sandy beach. It’s a perfect location that is accessible to everything; being right outside Manhattan made me optimistic about my future job being in Manhattan. Another important reason was it is close to my family relatives; it gives me the luxury to acquire a top-tier education while I can still visit my relatives at any time.


In many of the massive career programs that Hofstra have, Hofstra Deans Business Scholars programs really interest and connect to me, these unique programs give me the opportunity to succeed. It offers event with successful entrepreneur or businessman. These people are successful individual who I truly want to be, by having and building this professional relationship with them, these connection and opportunities is really something that is impossible to obtain from everywhere else, it could also give me opportunity of potential Job internship or visits to a business company. These organizations can provide training and high-demand technological and digital skill.


Robust internship programs provide variety of internship to choose from, these special opportunities are once a lifetime, working in the Madison square honors is a lifetime experience that we can have even have at Hofstra at even the freshmen years. The network connection between the company and Zarb school of business, I always want to learn from through the unique partnership that Hofstra offers. especially internship at google fascinate me because my experiences can quickly grow by working and collaborating with google employees who have a rich history of background experience.


At next, I have always had a likeness to travel abroad and collaborate with company in different parts of the world. From its list of dual program being offer at Hofstra, the China Dongbei University of Finance and economics dual degree programs that it offered as an international business student fits me, this can really build toward my global business experience and knowledge, I believe it could  really create a very important professional profile for me, having these company internship in china is really important for me because i can fluently speak Chinese myself ,I and it’s really interesting to have an internship with different Chinese companies also to learn about how the business would function and operate in china.


The environment around Hofstra is really to the top, and the beautiful Hofstra campus can make me have a good mood every day. The Zarb schools of business building is brand-new and have the state of the arts facility. I have always heard Hofstra have a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere that can make me blend in. I believe I can make solid friendships with many people. I think a fun and good environment tends to make me more productive in the professional fields of Hofstra. On top of all, I am very eager to meet kind and friendly friends from different parts of cultures and backgrounds, it always encourages me to learn something that I don’t know, and I think Hofstra, this will be the perfect place which I can fill in my dictionary of what I didn’t know, new knowledge can always build a better person with opportunities and better contribute to the communities.


(Key point of Hofstra: I can really start my business career already in my freshmen years 

It also having a great development helping me with the idea of entrepreneurship. The Hofstra Greenburg trading room i think can really build my structure early in the freshman years and have the success advantage that set spart and stand out,

How to think entrepreneurial and create opportunities for myself)