How to make better choices in further studies – adapted from “Decisive: How to make better choices in life and work” by Chip & Dan Heath
Villain in Decision Making Principle in Decision Making Strategies in Making Decision related to Further Studies
Narrow Framing
(unduly limiting the
options we consider)
Widen Your Options
Multitracking –Think AND not OR
List your current options of further studies, irrespective of your confidence to get a place. Are they from the
same field, e.g., BBA? Refer to Career Mapping or CII Report (Appendix), are there options you are interested in?
Other than studying your preferred programs in local institutions, would you consider studying abroad,
including in Mainland and Taiwan? If not, why?
Find someone who has solved your problem
Seek help from the school career counselor; discuss your CII Report and your concerns with her.
Connect with ONE alumnus who is studying in your dream program and ONE who is NOT.
The Confirmation Bias
(seeking out information
that bolster our beliefs)
Reality-Test Your
Ask disconfirming questions
Based on an honest review of your interests, ability, predicted levels, values, and financial status, are you sure
you are fit with your dream programs? Why?
Zoom out (looking for base rates)
Search information from reliable statistics(e.g., JUPAS website, HKACMGM website), what are the base rates of
admission or successful articulation? Am I eligible to make application?
Zoom in (seeking more texture)
Search information from specific program websites and read in details about the expectations, curriculum
structure, learning/exchange opportunities and career prospects of graduates.
Conduct small experiments to teach us more
Attend taster course or summer programs, related competitionsto validate your perceptionstowardsthe
Short-term emotion
(being swayed by
emotions that will fade)
Attain Distance Before
What would I tell my best friend to do?
Imagine you are going to give advice to your best friend having your problem, how would you advise him?
Imagine whether you would regret or celebrate about your decision in 10 mins, 10 months, and 10 years?
Clarify our core priorities
Among all the factors (what are they) you need to consider to make the decisions, which one or two are your core
priorities, e.g. prestige, financial return, values?
(having too much faith in
our predictions)
Prepare to be Wrong
Prepare for bad outcomes (premortem) as well as good ones (preparade)
Imagine in a year time, you get better/worse results than your predicted levels in HKDSE, what would you do?
Are there any contingency plans?
Set a tripwire