1. What was the purpose of your Capstone report?


  1. What were your motivations for selecting this topic?


  1. Why was doing this project worth your time or the time of others involved?


  1. How will your effort contribute to the existing body of knowledge on this topic?



  1. What SCML courses are being demonstrated in your capstone report?


SCML 5050 Communication for Professional Science Management and Leadership

SCML 5800 Project Management

SCML 5850, Regulatory and Qualitative Affairs for Science Management and Leadership,


  1. How did the peer review process help (or hurt) your progress?


  1. How do your findings compare with previous research on this topic?



  1. How would you summarize your effort to an expert in your topic’s field?



  1. What was the most difficult task regarding your capstone report?



  1. What would you change if you were to conduct a study on this topic again?



  1. What did you learn from working on this topic?


  1. What do you plan to do with your capstone report after this class ends?