You have been asked to critique each paper that is listed below. There are five papers in total that you must critique. You will form your answer for each paper under the following headings which are: validity of the study, results, impact and application.


Each number that is next to the heading is the number of sentences that are required for your answer of the question. Each sentence that you write is worth one mark. Therefore, for example, validity of study shows (10) which means that you are required to make ten valid points in regards to the question.


Under each question you will see bullet points on how you are required to structure your answer. Please answer each question based off the bullet points that have been listed. The bullet points will guide you on how to form your answer for the critique of the paper.


You are expected to use appropriate research terminology and demonstrate depth in your critical analysis.  You cannot copy information from textbooks, web sources or learning materials either, as this will result in an issue with plagiarism.  So, please ensure you are preparing your answers appropriately.



Your critique section is not an open ended essay

  • It has been broken down into sections to make this a bit easier to format
  • Do not repeat yourself
  • Make a point once



You will structure your answer under the following headings:


  • B1 Validity of the study (10)
  • B2 Results (10)
  • B3 Impact (6)
  • B4 Application (4)

Question B1.  Validity of the study. (10)

For example:

  • Focus of the study
  • Appropriateness of the methods employed.
  • Selection and any biases in the study, the controls used, attempts to mitigate biases
  • Confounding factors in design


Question B 2. Results (10)

For example:

  • Consider appropriateness of analysis
  • Associations and outcomes
  • Statistical analysis (or other analysis), any variables etc
  • Any biases, confounding variables, design flaws etc..
  • Clarity of presentation


Question B 3. Impact (6)

For example

  • Impact of article, metrics
  • Generalisability, applicability to other settings etc
  • Limitations


Question B4 Application (4)


What are the implications of this study for your professional radiographic practice, and also consider any impact or inspiration in terms of your career plans?



You should not write out any direct information from the articles


The critiques of the paper are looking for your ability to apply your skills and knowledge, not copy and paste information that is provided in an article.



Below are the five papers that you are required to critique and form answers for.



Paper A: N. Pollard, M. Lincoln, G. Nisbet, M. Penman. (2019) Patient perceptions of communication with diagnostic radiographers. Radiography, Vol 25, 4, pp333-338


Paper B Nakarada-Kordic, I., Reay, S., Bennett, G., Kruse, J., Lydon, A.M. and Sim, J.(2020). Can virtual reality simulation prepare patients for an MRI experience?. Radiography26(3), pp.205-213.


Paper C  Y.K.E. Choong, J. Tay, A.N.Y. Binte Abdul Razak, M.A. Look, L.H. Sng, (2021) Bridging the communication gap between radiographers and patients to improve chest radiography image acquisition: A multilingual solution in the COVID-19 pandemic, Radiography, 27 (3), pp  873-876,


Paper D Jensen, J.M., Andersen, P.A.B., Kirkegaard, L., Larsen, N., Most, W., Nielsen, D. and Precht, H., 2021). Exploring the patient perspectives of mobile X-ray in nursing homes–A qualitative explorative pilot study. Radiography27(2), pp.279-283.


Paper E: Paper E Paalimäki-Paakki, K., Virtanen, M., Henner, A., Nieminen, M.T. and Kääriäinen, M., (2021). Patients’, radiographers’ and radiography students’ experiences of 360° virtual counselling environment for the coronary computed tomography angiography: A qualitative study. Radiography27(2), pp.381-388.



You cannot cut and paste information or copy information (from internet or other sources) and the same rules around plagiarism that apply to written submissions also apply to this.


Again, the best way to avoid this is to make your own notes and NEVER copy information from internet sources word for word (cut and paste is a slippery slope).


You should not write out any direct information from the articles; indeed it would be pointless to do so.


This is looking for your ability to apply your skills and knowledge, not copy and paste information that is provided in an article.