Choose ONE airline with an ambition to increase its connectivity to ONE global region of your choice (but not North America nor EU)


Based on your choices above,

  • Critically examine how market forecasts can inform the decisions around revenue and cost structures of your chosen airline to your selected global region.
  • Based on the above, present your airline’s proposed fleet and route plans over the next 3 years (2022-25), to enable greater connectivity to your chosen global region.





Choose one airline and one global region (but NOT North America and the EU).

Task A is a general discussion about how market forecasts inform revenue generation and management decisions, along with the cost structure (low costs to high yield airlines), for your chosen type of airline. Has your chosen airline changed their revenue and costs structures based on market forecasts? Could the cost and revenue structure of airports within your chosen region influence the airline’s decisions?  Some of your findings from Assignment 1 may support you here


Task B – Proposing a Fleet and Route plan – consider the key factors influencing such decisions for the type of airline that you have chosen. Also consider the key airports to be targeted by your airline within your chosen global region (NOT North America or EU) and how these will inform your fleet and route decisions. Confirm your proposed fleet and route plan over the next 3 years (2022-25).


You will present your findings within a 20-minute presentation, followed by 10 minutes for scrutiny (questions/answers) by a lecturer.


Ensure that you support your decisions with extensive evidence – include your list of references in the final slides.


You can use any presentation format – suggestions – powerpoint (plenty of innovative animations and templates available), beautiful ai (free trial available), prezi etc


Slides – use bullet points only, but cite your evidence on each slide

Do NOT simply read from your slides – your slides should prompt your key headline points.

You will need to articulate your points in a confident, succinct, clear and convincing way.


The Schedule for the presentations will be posted on Canvas by Friday, December 3rd 2021


CAPA (a database accessed through the online library portal, log in details provided) will contain key data for the airlines and regions you choose to analyse such as CASK, RASK, route finder, route schedules and fleet data.