A 20th or 21st century poet (born in the 20th century)- Elizabeth Bishop: What seems unique and compelling about their work overall?


Write 2 poems that imitate the poet that you chose. These poems should be at least 8 lines each
•The poems should be stylistically similar to specific poems from the poet that you chose. Include those poems as well.
•After each of your poems, explain in at least 200 words how the poem reflects your chosen poet’s work in terms of content, style, word choice, form, etc.

At least 500 words. Explain and analyze your personal and aesthetic connection to the poet. •Why, overall, were you drawn to this poet? What seems unique and compelling about their work overall?•What are 2 or 3 specific poems that you find compelling? Why?•Does this poet’s work reflect your overall taste in poetry? How so? What does this poet’s work say about what you think about / are interested in regarding poetry?

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