this is the only interview I did wit a company representative. ; so the draft i have has loads of mistakes. I will help and want to be in close contact with the writer for further questions.

– How much in total did it cost to build the facility? It varies based on site and system design. Roughly it is around 10-13k QAR/TR including the pipe distribution network.
– How much (yearly/ approx) does it cost to maintain the facility? (Bills/staff) confidential information.
– How much kWh do you consume on average?  250m kWh. It is increasing every year as the cooling load increase.
– How many and what refrigerants do you use? R134a
– How many (approx) areas do you currently cover in the pearl? in m2 or m3 the entire Pearl except the private palaces – built up area is around 3 m m2.
– What is the current CO2 emission estimate? (you can skip if not available) NA
– How much in tonnes would you approximate the metals/pipes connecting your facilities to their destinations? The length of the pipe in The Pearl is 92 Km with different diameters.