For this assignment, you will first read a case about a client’s first visit with a therapist  Download case about a client’s first visit with a therapistand then write a short paper in which you address the questions below.

Case Study Questions
After reading the case, answer the following questions in your paper.

How do you identify Clare’s presenting problem? Was she a hypochondriac? Was she attention-seeking? Was she trying to get out of doing her chores and caring for her child?
Why do you believe it took Clare so long to seek help? Was she hoping the medicine would finally work for her? Was it because she secretly hoped there was a medical reason for her headaches? Was she ashamed that she needed help?
What did the therapist do to encourage Clare’s willingness to enter into a therapeutic relationship? Why did Clare come to relish her time in therapy? How did the therapist help Clare? 
How does Clare’s experience relate to the topic of sacred time and space?