A composer in the History of Western Music between antiquity and the early Baroque. From the composer, select a seminal musical work and describe its function and impact.

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Describe setting, innovations, context, and purpose of the piece of the composer. Discuss why this piece is important to subsequent generations and yourself; that is, how do this work, event, and composer inform and influence you as a musician? The paper should be double-spaced, adhere to APA style guidelines, and include six to ten references

About L’Euridice

L’Euridice is one of the composers of the early Baroque that has composed various pieces such as the “Nel pur ardor.” The setting of the Baroque era is characterized by homophonic, contrapuntal, and polyphonic textures. The instruments used entails the violin family, trumpets as well as horns. The Baroque Era is characterized by music expressing specific emotions as a way of showing affections…

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