A customer service excellence award for Abu Dhabi Government sector

The development of a customer service excellence award for Abu Dhabi Government sector Students will work individually on this project. The project report will consist of approximately 2500 words. In order to support the achievement of the Vision 2030, you are required to develop a customer service excellence award that can be applied to the Government Sector in Abu Dhabi. This report builds on what you have established as excellent customer service in Part 1 of this assignment, and requires you to develop a customer service excellence award for Abu Dhabi Government sector This assignment requires you to critically reflect on the way that customer service operates for the Government sector in Abu Dhabi, – how the approach to its customers and customer satisfaction can be measured. There are 3 McKinsey reports that you will need to read and refer to in your report; 1. Building a case, build a following: Laying the groundwork to transform customer experience in government.

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One of the metrics to measure the satisfaction of the clients includes loyalty measurement. This approach determines the behavioral or the affective hints that demonstrate satisfaction of both products and service delivery. This influences the probability of the customers recommending to others about Abu Dhabi’s Government Sector(Oxford Business Group, 2014). Loyalty measurement determines the overall satisfaction and the probability of influencing a positive approach towards the government hence building the governmental image in the public. The McKinsey reports acknowledge numerous conflicts of interest and scandals facing the company, which has the capacity of influencing the satisfaction of the customers and the corporate image. Such instance needs approaches that promote the loyalty of the customers and build the image systematically…

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