Use this documentary only,, and summarize the film. explain the film’s argument and identify the rhetorical devices the film uses to construct that argument, such as appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos. Please use third-person point of view (no I, me, my, we, us, or our).
Be sure to consider yourselves rhetorical situation.
What is your topic and purpose? How can you demonstrate that you have examined the text carefully and provide your own interpretation? What does this text say and how does it say it? What will your interpretive argument be?
Who is your audience? Will they know the text? What information do you need to provide to familiarize them with it? Who is the audience for this documentary? How does the text address its audience?
What is the genre of your text? These films are documentaries, and your paper a rhetorical analysis. How do those categories shape the respective texts?
What is the stance of the creator toward the subject? How do the makers of the film feel about their subject matter?
What does this text mean in a larger cultural context? How does the documentary comment on or attempt to shape the debates about its subject?