Walsh describes her early experiences with treatment for a psychiatric illness. She states that she was, “put in a box up on a shelf” after diagnosis. What do you think she meant by this?  What was the significance and impact on her?

Walsh discusses treatment and states that “recovery is not a return to a former level of functioning”. What are your thoughts, as a future healthcare professional, on this idea? Placing yourself in her position, how would this thought make you feel and what does Dr. Walsh say about recovery?

Walsh mentions that when an individual asserts control over his or her life and makes his or her own decisions, he or she takes on responsibility for the consequences of the decisions. What does she mean when she states “asserting control” and “taking responsibility”?

4.What were some major takeaways for you? Anything learned? Any surprises or information that challenge your normal assumptions/beliefs?

Length: At least 1 full page (please keep in mind, this is the minimum requirement, which will attain you the minimum grade of 90% without errors). It can be as long as it needs to.