A Just God in a World of Suffering and Evil: He probes you with his concerns such as: “How can there be a just God when there is such suffering? “I have seen friends killed and now my marriage is falling apart. How can the minister call God a just God?”

The student will write a 8-9-page (not including the title page and reference page) paper based on what you have learned in class from your readings, presentations, and from others, and one of the scenarios below.  Describe how you would engage this individual as a caregiver, leader, or counselor.  Though you have much latitude in developing your response, support your perspective using scholarly sources (peer-reviewed journal articles, course texts, etc.), and address how resiliency and spirituality are related to this scenario.  The scenarios provide limited information; therefore, use your imagination as to how to expand it to address potential concerns or issues with the individual as well as yourself as a caregiver, leader, or counselor.


You can choose whatever capacity you desire to respond to the scenario of your choosing as a caregiver, leader, or counselor; however, it is important that you identify the role that you are choosing.




·      Scenario #1: John, a 29-year-old, married, active-duty service member recently returned from his third deployment to a combat zone.  He approaches you to discuss his concerns regarding a sermon he recently overheard titled, A Just God in a World of Suffering and Evil.  Though he admits being a believer since his adolescent years, John is beginning to question his faith.  He probes you with his concerns such as: “How can there be a just God when there is such suffering?  “I have seen friends killed and now my marriage is falling apart.  How can the minister call God a just God?” He admitted going back to church this past weekend after many years of not attending, but he left more discouraged than comforted. In addition, he just participated in resiliency training, but he is struggling to see how all this fit together.


·      Scenario #2: Mary, the spouse of a military reservist is seeking your counsel.  She recently heard about resiliency but did not understand it.  As a believer, she was concerned that it might be a “New Age” philosophy that would be contradictory of her faith.


·      Scenario #3: You are volunteering in a veterans’ organization and have been approached by the leader, a 50-year-old veteran, who expressed increasing fatigue and dissatisfaction with his job.  He felt you were best suited to help him as he is also a person of faith.


Paper Requirements


Select one of the scenarios above and explain how you would proceed in providing care and/or address the issue. The following can serve as level headings for your paper. 


·      Introductory Paragraph:  Identify the chosen vignette and provide a summary of the key concepts / dynamics of the paper. 


·      Exploration:  Discuss pertinent information that you obtained and/or developed in response to the scenario.

o   Identify and discuss personal and professional reasons for selecting the case study vignette.

o   Summarize your understanding of the primary concern(s) or issues of the individual in the case study vignette.


·      Intervention and Support: Using a minimum of 6 scholarly sources (a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed journal articles) and course texts, describe in detail how you plan to address the concern(s) of the individual.


o   Provide a research-based response to the concern(s), which identifies and discusses resiliency-based solutions and resources.  A minimum of 4 peer-reviewed journal articles required for this section.

o   Identify and integrate biblical insights and principles (not simply quoting scripture verses) into the overall intervention and support of the vignette.


·      Application: Share lessons learned from this case study.


o   Discuss what you learned about yourself through the course that will better prepare you to be a competent caregiver, leader, or counselor among military personnel and their family members.

o   Identify areas in which you need further development as a resilient caregiver or leader.


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