A recent fraud or embezzlement case that occurred within the last five years.

While crimes against businesses (such as fraud, embezzlement, and computer crimes) do not result in any physical harm to anyone, the financial damages have been devastating. People who were affected by these crimes have suffered while the firm’s reputations will take a long time to recover. Locate a recent fraud or embezzlement case that occurred within the last five years. The case chosen must have been committed in the last five years, and the perpetrators must have been brought to justice.

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Part I (Facts of the Case): Provide a summary about the facts of the case Part II (Applying the Fraud Triangle): Apply the fraud opportunity triangle to the case and illustrate how the case complies (or does not complies) with the triangle. Part III (The Mind of the Perpetrator): Go into the mind of the person(s) who committed the crime and discussed what drove them to commit the crime.

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An outstanding fraud case in the history includes Lagos v. the United States, 584 U.S. the case entails Lagos, who was convicted of defrauding a lender of millions of dollars using a company. The case was argued on April 18, 2018, and decided on May 29, 2018. The fraud triangle, in this case, identifies the pressure on the individual being personal financial pressure leading to the bankruptcy of the company. The opportunity to commit the fraud presented itself when the lender was in possession of resources required by Lagos to cater for personal and business expenses. The justification for Lagos actions included arguments that he was reimbursing the victims for lost income. This could be thought as the reason that drove to the perpetrator to commit the crime…

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